Why Buy From Us

  1. We are a complete family owned and operated business with 40 years of combined swimming pool construction experience.
  2. We are fully licensed and insured.
  3. We handle all the permitting necessary for the construction of your pool.
  4. When we start your pool, we stay until it’s done. We DO NOT start your pool and then go to the next job. We WILL NOT bump anyone else up in front of you on the schedule. It is our policy to complete jobs on a first come first serve basis. This is fair to everyone involved and you will be treated with the same respect. Construction normally takes one to two weeks for a fiberglass pool and two to three weeks on a liner pool, depending on the size.
  5. We do our own excavating and our own concrete work with a highly trained crew.
  6. Concrete decks are poured 4-5″ thick.
  7. We take care of our customers even after the job is finished. If there is ever a problem, just call us. We will be right there to help!
  8. The quality of all our equipment and supplies are the most up-to-date available.
  9. A wide variety of fiberglass pool shapes and sizes are available.
  10. Many liner patterns to choose from.
  11. We are here to serve you. You won’t get slick sales pitches and empty promises from us. We care about our reputation.
  12. The fiberglass pools we install have excellent warranties and this insures our customers will be happy down the road.
  13. Absolutely beautiful finishes can be added to your pool for a minimal charge.