Water Testing

Daily Tests, until you get to know your pool, then you can test twice a week.  Remember to test after a rain and get your pool back into balance as soon as possible.

  • Test pH & Free Chlorine levels using a test kit. Ensure pH is within the 7.2 – 7.6 range.
  • The pool filter should run at least 8 to 10 hours per day (24 hours per day is best). Set your pool timer or remember to run the pool manually if you don’t have a timer. If you are not running your pool 24 hours per day, it is best to have it running during the daylight hours (instead of night).
  • Make sure your skimmer baskets are empty and clear of leaves or other debris.
  • Chlorine must be added to the pool daily.  Best method is to use an automatic chlorinator so you can adjust the amount of chlorine that goes into your pool.  Make sure the unit is full of tablets and that the dial is set to a level that gives you a good daily chlorine reading depending on how long you run your system.